St. Augustine Alligator Farm

This week I had the opportunity to attend a field trip with my youngest daughter and her class to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine Florida. Considering I grew up with family living in St. Augustine I have been to the Alligator Farm a few more times than the average person. However, because I knew my husband was able to attend and one of my best friends was attending with her son, I just knew we would have an exciting time. One of my favorite saying is, “anytime spent with family is a time well spent”. This was definitely time well spent, we had a blast! Not only did we see many different types alligators, but we also saw monkeys, birds, snakes and they even have zip-lining. Unfortunately for us, we did not get to enjoy the zip-lining due to being on a field trip, but I would like to return with my entire family sometime in the near future allowing everyone the opportunity to zip line.

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