St. Augustine Alligator Farm

This week I had the opportunity to attend a field trip with my youngest daughter and her class to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine Florida. Considering I grew up with family living in St. Augustine I have been to the Alligator Farm a few more times than the average person. However, because I knew my husband was able to attend and one of my best friends was attending with her son, I just knew we would have an exciting time. One of my favorite saying is, “anytime spent with family is a time well spent”. This was definitely time well spent, we had a blast! Not only did we see many different types alligators, but we also saw monkeys, birds, snakes and they even have zip-lining. Unfortunately for us, we did not get to enjoy the zip-lining due to being on a field trip, but I would like to return with my entire family sometime in the near future allowing everyone the opportunity to zip line.

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Monster Jam!


It’s time to gear up for a fantastic event for all ages! Monster Jam, Saturday February 21, Jacksonville Florida.

What can be more exciting than watching the children play and enjoying an evening with friends and family while listening to the roars of monster trucks as they soar through the air?

Do you have your tickets yet? I know I do and my children are ecstatic!

Follow the links to First Coast News to win your tickets or purchase them directly from

Take a look at some of the pictures from last years show. Super exciting!

We hope to see you ~Around Here~

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My Jacksonville

Jacksonville is home of Jacksonville Jaguars.  It has beautiful scenic sandy beaches and rivers followed by historic San Marco and modern Nocatee.  The area within Jacksonville in which I am from is called Mandarin. It is often misunderstood and called boring, but as a native I find it a place with endless amounts of opportunities and potential. I started my construction business here in Jacksonville, the schools are great for kids, there are endless amounts of recreational activities for children of all ages and the river allows family’s to have fun on their boats while enjoying some fantastic restaurants on the river.

Meme time with Manovich


According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a  meme is defined as, “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Its Greek origin means imitation. The term Meme was first coined by Robert Dawkins.

Some might believe memes to be nonsense and a waste of time, but there is a science and art behind these internet memes that I find to be extremely interesting. After reading an article that I was given in class called The Power of Internet Memes And A Lot Of Fun Along The Way, I found that Memes have become very trendy within the fields of marketing and advertising. It is unknown which Memes will take off quick or never be a hit at all, but is known that there have been memes to catch the eye of the public and spread like a wild fire.

The above meme is an example of what I created for my assembling digital media class. We were told to create a meme that has something to do with what we do in our class. The first thing I thought of of Lev Manovich. Manovich is the writer of the book we read in this class called The language of New Media.


Review: The Language of New Media ‘Chapter 2’ The Interface

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Chapter two of The Language of New Media written by Lev Manovich, is called The Interface. This  chapter, “analyzes the  continuities between the computer interface and older cultural forms, languages, and conventions (68).”  It also discusses the elements of the future known as the computer screen.

The chapter is broken up for easy navigation and gives details on the the following subjects: Cultural Interface, The printed word, cinema, HCI: Representation versus Control, A Screens’s Genealogy, The screen and the body, and  Representation versus Simulation.

Human-computer interface also most commonly referred to as HCI describes the many ways in which people interact with computers.. This includes any input or output devices that are connected to the computer such as the mouse, keyboard or monitor (69). It also includes the way humans are able to manipulate the data by deleting files, coping, renaming and etc .

Manovich explains how the computer has changed into the interfacing digital form of communications called cultural interface.  He’s mentions how the computer- early in the 1990’s- representative a  type writer that was able to producer and save information of cultural data. It wasn’t until late in the 1990’s when computers took off.

Lets take a look at exactly how computer screens, human interface and the representation of computers have changed since early 1990’s

Early in the 1990’s computer screens were made of box screens. You might reference this movie to recall the human-cultural interface we had with computers during this time.

Now, take a look at the following images to see an example of how our human- cultural interface has changed.

download computer images


Our computer screens come in many different shapes and sizes. Manovich point out the facts that our screens are “dynamic, real-time and interactive” but he is also sure to note that, “a screen is still a screen.” With this being said, It is obvious to me that not only does Manovich state that the era of the screen is still alive, but the era of the screen in which inhibits our human-culture interface has yet to revolve completely.