About Me

What is your Name : Trisha Hobbie

What do you do/ want to do:  I am a Entrepreneur, Mom, Student and Wife.

My husband and I are proud owners of Hobbie Construction. We established this entity back in 2010 and have grown beyond what we had ever dreamed.  I handle accounting, marketing, advertising and office work while my husband assures the field work is in control and up to spec.  I am furthering my career as a personal and business goal to be well-rounded in the world of business.  One could never learn too much. I have always enjoyed writing, speaking and any aspects of technology. After hearing about the Converged Communications program at FSCJ I knew it was my time to progress even further.

Where are you from: I am a native of Jacksonville Florida and have no desire in moving my business or family to any other place.

What have you read Recently: My most recent reading was assigned to me by my Assembling Digital Media college Professor.  It was a TV review by Randy Dankievitch called, House of Cards ‘Chapter 5’ – Friends make the worst enemies.

What makes you happy: I have two daughters ages 12 and 5. I would say they make the happiest women in the world.I believe I am the happiest when there are no arguments between my children, the house is clean, and we are able to spend quality time together as a family.

What makes you angry or sad:   If I had to choose one thing that makes me angry or sad, it would be when any one of my family members are angry or sad. I try my hardest to cheer them up because I strongly believe life is too short to stress.

What is your idea of fun : My idea of fun is being outdoors. I have one daughter who plays volleyball and the other who plays soccer. I find it to be amazing family time watching them play sports and being able to play with them when we are on vacation or just at the house hanging out.

What is one thing in the world you think you probably know way too much about:  I am a very analytical person. I love to analyze people, their personalities, and just about anything in life, which might have something to do with why I have been in the field of accounting for so long. I would say the one thing in the world I probably know way too much about is my family. I am the one in the family who can say, I called that!


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