Semiotic Analyasis




In this image, we see a lot of the color red. We see an image of a seat belt with the numbers 1993 written on it.  In the lower right hand corner you will find the only words that are on the advertisement which denotes the advertising company’s name and a message which reads “Buckle Up Stay Alive.”



In this image we see an idea of what looks like a person wearing a seat belt. The ending year being overlapped by the seat belt invokes the meaning of, “Buckle Up Stay Alive.” We have always been told to buckle up when in a car, now we can assume that if we buckle up we stay alive.


Linguistic Message

The only text that are used in this advertisement are the year 1993 and the words “Buckle UP Stay Alive Quebec” in the bottom right corner of the advertisement.  Quebec is the advertising company used to promote this image and “Buckle Up Stay Alive” is the slogan they decided to use when presenting the advertisement. The color red is used throughout the advertisement and the wheel shows that it denotes strong emotions and represents passion. It is used strongly on advertisements. Buckling can obviously protects a person’s life when involved in a car accident. It will assist in leaving out a death date engraved on an individual.




1 Comment

  1. Looking better!
    Don’t we see two dates side by side as birth and death dates? And what about a red diagonal slash? Isn’t that symbolic for “no” or “don’t”?
    You definitely got the point of this ad targeted for drivers in the province of Quebec, but don’t forget to slow down that initial review of EVERYTHING you see. As I mentioned before it’s hard as we normally assess what we see much more quickly.

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