Abstracts of technology and social media in the world of Public Relations

Recently, technology has influenced the role of a Public Relations professionals. Trends that have emerged within social media and technology has advanced and each play important roles in the field of Public Relations.  This research paper will study those trends and report on how the they have become a  prevalent part  of  a Public Relations professional. By researching this topic, I will explore a variety of sources and combine the research into one paper to help serve and assist anyone who might be interested in the trends that benefit the field of Public Relations.


This dissertation shows how the role of new Public Relations practitioners as social Media Experts has expanded to include the new generation.  Research and a study  proves how  Public Relations Practitioners with Five or fewer years of experience perform social media related task far more often than older and more experienced PR Practitioners.



Puts the future of learning in a PR profession into perspective. It gives an overview of the PR profession and proves how valuable the management position is in the field of PR.



This site gives an overview of how the law has been trying to catch up with Technology. It gives the new guideline put in force by the FTC and how the new laws may present new avenues for PR Practitioners.


The Future of Public Relations and Social Media gives slight back ground information on how the internet has impacted PR professionals. It also, goes into detail on how the future of press releases and a variety of social media  platforms will impact a public relations professional.




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