Gadgets in the court room

I read an article on today called, “Google, Gadgets and Guilt”. This article expresses how some Judges prohibit tweeting during trials, but with the explosion of social media this is becoming problematical and difficult to prohibit.  The concerns with an impartial jury are erupting due to this rapid growth of social media.

Thaddeus Hoffmeister author of “Social Media in the Courtroom: A New Era for Social Justice“, explains how the case of George Zimmerman has taken an unusual step to sequestering Jurors to assure a fair trial. In my opinion, this sounds very expensive, but with no other alternatives, how else should this be handled?

Hoffmeister also offers many steps to take if jurors are to disobey the rules and regulation. This is something I believe needs to be addressed. With new era of social media we need to make sure every aspect has been analyzed and researched to provide a conclusion on how to handle not only the case mentioned, but all cases that rise in the future.



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