Innovative Journalism

Social media influences our engagement with breaking news alerts. After reading the article, “Journalist Live Tweet from the Courthouse” by Jim Armstrong, it made me appreciate the how Social Media is shaping  the modern era of communication. Armstrong tweeted live from the courthouse on the Whitey Bulger trial. He was able to record live during breaks, and while the courthouse was in session, Armstrong prevailed up-to-the-minute news broadcast of the live trial via Twitter.

I’m not one to consider the former years of Journalism absolute. I only see it progressing. Journalism seems to be expanding by linking itself further with the domains in the world of technology.  Not only will the journalist receive credit for being so quick to be updated and on the spot, the public is aware of what is going on within their society.

Reading this article, reminds me of how Journalism has exploded with the advancements in technology. In the past, if a person would like to report on an article or breaking news it would take days for the people to see.  There were procedures and processes to adhere before the public eye were able to see it. Journalists were also considered to be either in the field of print journalism or broadcasting journalism. Now, with the progression of the digital age, this field is considered to be unbiased when it comes to the news of journalist. There is a need to be ready and willing to produce material at anytime and anyplace.

I remember as a child in elementary school my class decided that candy cigarettes were a bad influence on children and promoted smoking for the young. With the intent to band candy cigarettes, we scheduled at field trip to the First Coast News Station with Jeani Baylock.  This article was not aired that day. It was scheduled to be aired. My parents were even able to tape our actions at the studio as it aired a few days later.

Per this article and many others a new era has arrive and only expects to expand within time. Being a Journalist involves a lot more than just writing and reporting.


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