About Me

My Name is Trisha Hobbie. I am married with 2 beautiful girls ages 12 and 5.  My husband and I own a Construction company and  I also work part-time as a Staff Accountant at the YMCA.  I am currently a student in the B.S Converged Communications program at FSCJ. I would say my life stays pretty busy though all of my daily activities and routines. Since I am too busy to get involved with any other extra curricular activities other than the sports my children play, I consider school to be my extra curricular activity. I enjoy learning new things which makes me an excellent student who is determined to make the best grades possible. I am thrilled to say that the Converged Communication field is a diverse field. There are many options and opportunities that will arise from having such a degree. I am interested, but not limited to the fields of Media and Public Relations which fall within this degree. I am the type of student who will spend hours on a paper or homework. I guess you can say, I like to perfect things in life not just skate by. Along with my determination to do the best to my ability in school, I am also on a mission to complete my degree as soon as possible. Yes, it seems hard at times with having so much on my plate, but I am in a complete understanding that it will all be worth it in the end.


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